The Korean American community has established the Korean American Museum to interpret and preserve its history, culture, and achievements; to examine and discuss issues currently facing the community; and to explore new and innovative ways to communicate the Korean American experience to other American communities.

The Korean American Museum is dedicated not only to increasing our understanding of the Korean American experience, but also to fostering creative approaches to advancing Korean American culture.

The Korean American Museum honors the legacy and accomplishments of Korean immigrants and their families, documents their journey to contemporary America, and stimulates thought, discussion, and action regarding the community’s future.

Located in the heart of the largest Korean American community, the Korean American Museum has programs of national scope and serves as a center of Korean American life in this country.

The Korean American Museum facilitates partnerships between Korean American community resources and other national and regional institutions.

The Korean American Museum tells the Korean American story. It weaves this story into the complex and colorful fabric of America’s cultural life. In doing so, the Korean American Museum helps define what it means to be Korean American.